A conversation between Magor and Brikcius in the pub U Lojzy

In July 1979 in London, the Index on Censorship published in the journal Spectrum 2 a conversation between Magor and Brikcius concerning happenings. The journal focuses on questions of freedom of expression and the press throughout the world and publishes work by authors affected by censorship in their own countries.


“This conversation was prepared for release — along with an introduction about E. B. — in July 1973, but both Brikcius and I were arrested and imprisoned for eight and ten months respectively. When it was being prepared for release a second time in March 1976, I was locked up for eighteen months. So I started to prepare it for publication a third time; I firmly hope that it’s Evžen’s turn…”

October 1977, Magor


“Those who knew Eugen Brikcius at the time of his public performances probably think that he has left the scene. The opposite, however, is true: his life and work have fused so perfectly that he has no reason to distinguish his private thoughts and activity from his philosophical or artistic ones. The consistency of his approach led him to a fortunate synthesis achieved by few: a state in which he can he can, in all thoroughness and sincerity (even if its basis is mere mystification), devote himself to pure non-creation.
July 1973, Magor




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