Pupating and Sundials

Pupating in piles of plastic bags, Dining in a cigarette grove, construction of giant Sundials etc. during the damned changes of the societal situation after the August occupation by the Soviets.

The painter and author Rudolf Němec (1936–2015) filmed live art. He captured on his 8mm camera the happenings of the members of the Crusaders’ School of Humor without Jokes: Pilgrimage to Brandýs and Dining in 1968, Pupating and Sundials which were organized concurrently in 1970 at Roztoky u Prahy.

The films of the artist and poet Rudolf Němec, which we have supplied with a commentary by the hoaxer and Němec’s contemporary Eugen Brikcius. This time Brikcius had minimal room for mystification because, as he himself had to admit, celluloid is a powerful witness.





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