Le Cuoche / Jan Jedlička

From time to time, returning from my work outdoors in the Maremma, between Castiglione della Pescaia and Grosseto. I would call in to the restaurant Macchiascandona. I would spend a lot of time watching the three sisters and two daughters at work, observing the carefully orchestrated sequence of the movements they repeated day in and day out. I liked to sit by the serving hatch, through which I had a good view of the kitchen.

One day, when Milena, cook and mother, was showing me how she made tortellini I discovered that her first job as a young girl had been in “Vignaccio” and that she had worked there for several years.

This was shat triggered my film. Like the landscape itself, these women at their work represent the essence of lengthy past – the sedimented strata of the landscape corresponding to the accumulated experience of the cooks. Here, too, the present is a fragile thing; just two days after filming, Milena broke her ankle.
Jan Jedlička

Le Cuoche (The Cooks), 1999
DV, Betacam Sp, Beta digital, colour 
36 minutes 
Camera: Jan Jedlička 
Editor: Miriam Krakenberger 
Sound Editor: Florian Eidenbenz 
Post Production: Magnetix, Zurich
II video è stato girato nell' ottobre del 1998 nei locali del ristorante Macchiascandona, Grosseto, Italia. / Filmed on location at the Macchiascandona restaurant, Grosseto, Italy, October 1998
Milena, la cuoca / the cook 
Morena, sorella della cuoca / the cook’s sister 
Mari, sorella della cuoca / the cook’s sister 
Giovanna, figlia della cuoca / the cook’s daughter 
Nicoletta, figlia della cuoca / the cook’s daughter 
Pamela, detta “la peste” / also known as “la peste”




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