35 mm colored film by Jan Jedlička, 2001
filmed on location at "Vignaccio", Grosseto, Italy

On departure, the shutters and Windows had to be closed, and the house locked. Light penetrated only through the cracks in the decaying shutters. As it became dark, the space was unequivocally divided between inside and outside.

The semi-darkness of the interior with its shadowy corners and abandoned objects aroused a yearning for the outdoor light. Often, on returning months later, I would find animals that had managed to get into the house but had been unable to find a way out again.

Because of the lack of light in the various rooms, I chose to use a digital video camera. The downside of this was that darkness on the screen appeared as a loss of image, which disturbed the flow of images. So I decided to transfer it to 35mm film. Now, when the film is projected, the dark areas do give some suggestion of light.
Jan Jedlička





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