Echo Vocis Imago

16 mm colored film by Jan Jedlička with music by Marek Kopelent 

The landscape of Maremma has been the focus of Jan Jedlička’s work in various artistic media over the past three decades. He has systematically studied the typography of the region, the large, simple shapes of its hills and plains, its canal system and its clear coastline, from many, different and usually elevated vantage points. Her has watched the moving fires made by farmers to burn their fields and grass. He has studied the elemental structures of the countryside, its color and liquid reflections that are in constant flux with the ever chancing light of the days and seasons.

The sequence and arrangement of the filmic sequences record a multi-layered dialogue between the landscape and an abondoned house "Vignaccio" divested of its function. In the play of shadow and light, in the patterns of floor tiles or patches of masonry, Jedlička discovers motifs from unexpected angles inside the house that counterpoint the physiognomy of the landscape. Vantage point, detail and lighting conditions, studied by the camera with great precision, register reflections between landscape and house in a larger, often humorous context.
Jacqueline Burckhardt




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