Ivana Lomová Stopping at the usual time


The good march in step. Unaware of them, the others dance around them in dances of time. (Franz Kafka)


Wonder at the world! Children are looking forward to school and adults to work. It would be the ideal if it were not a virtue of necessity. Through shock, we are perhaps forced to reconsider our lives somewhat and listen to the breathing of the planet. Have we not become over time runners dashing toward perdition? Jindřich Chalupecký has already stated: Writing and printing in the world is so fast today that the only thing left is to be deliberately slow. Only the wretched boast of working 24/7. One of them, allegedly in the interests of the public good and a better tomorrow, apparently no longer sleeps.

At this time, the painter Ivana Lomová captures the slow, those who hang out in cafes from time to time, stare out the window or wander the streets and pause over the real world. Because in those moments we are not distracted by what is beyond the horizon, but we look to the horizon and into ourselves. A “functioning” person is not enough of a human being. He doesn't live until he stops.

Lomová’s paintings are like a stop on the way when we come to each other. This often happens on her canvases, in the profane space of everyday life, when someone puts on headphones or flits along a cell phone to ward off boredom. When someone stops on the street, on the train, at the bus stop, in the waiting room, or in a cafe. Ivana Lomová offers a redemptive alternative to ordinary, lost moments - remaining alone (with) yourself in silence. Then rolls of feelings emerge unbidden, memories or even relief from thoughtlessness, thanks to which something calm can come to us again.

The painter does not consciously follow artistic trends, genres or even her predecessors. She is guided by intuition. After all, she did not study art, but architecture, which she never did professionally. Although she paints objectively, that is, realistically, reality and photographs are just a sketch for her. The life she touches is neither desperate nor happy; it is an adventure in a free world to which both belong and in which we are fortunate to live. Her paintings do not evoke sharp emotions, but rather a necessary dose of nostalgia and melancholy. The sober size of the canvases proves that the grandiloquent is foreign to her.

Ivana Lomová paints in cycles. She has created sixteen in the last twenty years. From the series of paintings Solitude, Passengers, Cafés and Prague. I chose mostly the ones without people. I followed the artist’s long-standing tendency to do without people on the canvas completely. The figures and their imagined stories distract us. Her paintings without a living being are not dead, but rather a reminder that in the end we are alone in the world and it is perhaps better to accept rather than conceal it.

In the paintings from the Prague cycle, the painter reconstructs the world of her childhood. Specifically, she is affected by the visuality of old Střešovice, where she grew up and still lives. In one of the paintings, she captured the church of St. Norbert, which she had been staring at from the school window for years. Gradually, she focused on details, Prague windows, doors, boxes or stains on the wall. She looked for bearers of emotions and memories, while getting rid of the deposits of tastelessness and returning their original forms to places. According to her, the new places are mostly soulless, see the interview with Ivana Slavická below. Even where they no longer exist, she paints peeled windows, weathered walls, rusted gates, or cracked leatherette seats. It will not strike everyone as charming, but only those who have a more intimate relationship to reality and its accompanying manifestations such as aging. She has kept her city particularly beautiful. She captured it with the passage of time and the distance acquired by her stay abroad. Thanks to this, it evokes, depending on our temperament, memories from the sentimentally banal to the fundamental.

We get used to the places where we grow up and grow old. Getting used to it also means mutually changing. It takes a long time, so it is mostly unnoticed. Ivana Lomová’s paintings are all the more understandable the more we have our routinely familiar situations and places before our eyes. How do these modern backdrops, in which, in the words of Chalupecký, the everyday, the terrifying and glorious drama of man takes place, affect us and what does it say about us? Why does it seem more and more artificial and tasteless than in previous ages? What will embody our spiritual tradition when our native homes have lost their souls?
The painter wants a break from houses again. A baby in the family brought her to other remarkable themes. Ivana Lomová does not fantasize and it is clear to her not just any future awaits our grandchildren. But something unexpected can still happen, as it did 2020 years ago.
Pavlína Bartoňová, Dezember 2020
(Translation Craig Cravens)

Foto:  Martin Polák and Marcel Rozhoň

Ivana Lomová

22. 11. 1959

​She was born on November 22, 1959 in Prague. She graduated from the Technical University of Prague at the Faculty of Architecture (1978–1983), but did not pursue a professional career in architecture. For years she worked as a draftswoman and illustrator and illustrated over 25 books, primarily for children (she collaborated with the Albatros publishing house). She and her sister drew the comics Anča and Pepík on the trail and then herself illustrated Biblical Stories for the journal Mateřídouška for more than 4 years. She also devoted herself to cartoons and lithography. In the early 1990s, she left the illustrations and began to freely create and paint with oil. She lives and works in Prague.

Solo exhibitions – selection
2020            In The City, DOX - Center of Contemporary Art, Praha (cur. Milena Slavická)

2019            Arte HD,  8gallery, Praha

2018            Walls, 8gallery, Praha

                    Waiting Room, Gallery Dolmen, Prague

2017            Ivana Lomová-paintings, Lucie Lomová-comics, Gallery of František Drtikol, Příbram         

2016            All The Passengers, G4 Art Centre Gallery 4, Cheb

                    New Paintings, 8gallery, Prague

2015            Emptiness, Václav Špála Gallery, Prague, (cur. Ladislav Kesner)

                    Gallery of the Museum of National History in Česká Lípa (cur. Ladislav Kesner)

                    Pictures from my Bedroom, Gallery Villa Pellé, Prague (cur. Marek Pokorný)

2013            The Voters, Gallery Vltavín, Praha

2012            Gallery At the White Unicorn, Klatovy                                 

                    Passengers, Gallery Beseda, Ostrava

2011            Gallery of South Bohemia, Wortner House, České Budějovice

                    Cafés, Gallery of the Czech Insurance Company, Prague

2010            Slávia, Gallery Via Art, Prague

                    Sisterhood, Gallery  Fotografic, Prague

                    My Cat and Me, Gallery 5th. Floor, Prague

2008            The Firebird, Gallery of the Czech Insurance Company, Prague

2007            Gallery of Eastern Bohemia , Pardubice

                    Gallery of Contemporary Art, Karlovy Vary, Ostrov,

                    Night, Gallery Vltavín, Prague

                    Paradise, Gallery Via Art, Prague

2005            Till the Death Do Us Part, Gallery of  the Czech Insurance Company

2004            Happiness, Gallery Via Art, Prague

2003            The Baby Inside, Moravian Gallery, Brno (cur. Milena Slavická)     

                    Under the Cover, Czech Center, Berlin, Germany (cur. Martina Pachmanová)

                    Faraway, Gallery Via Art, Prague

2002            Pintner Gallery, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

2001            Dancing In The Hallway, The Chapel Gallery, Bruntál

                    Kampf Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2001            Under the Cover (with Erika Bornová), Gallery at the White Unicorn, Klatovy

2000            Under the Cover (with Erika Bornová), MXM Gallery, Prague (cur. Martina Pachmanová)

1999            Men and Women, Václav Špála Gallery, Prague (cur. Milena Slavická)

1998            Trip to the Woods, Litera Gallery, Prague

1997            Life Is Good, Václav Špála Gallery, Prague (cur. Milena Slavická)


Group exhibitions – selection

2018           Trauma, Distress, Extazy, Emptiness. Formulas of Pathos 1900-2018, West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen, cur.Ladislav Kesner

2017           Knap, Lomová, Puchová, New Gallery, Prague

2016           This is not a Poetry! (Collapse of Emotions), Castle of Litomyšl, cur. Martin Gerboc

2014           Reconstruction, Gallery of Emil Filla, Ústí n. Labem

                    Intimate Interaction, PLATO, Platform for Contemporary Art, Ostrava Vítkovice, cur. Ladislav Kesner

2011           Images of the Mind, Moravian Gallery, Brno and Deutches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, cur. Ladislav Kesner and Colleen M. Schmitz

2010           Dark Night, Bright Night - the moon and night in Czech art in 19th and 20th century, Wortnerś House, České Budějovice

2009           Fourteen S, DOX -Center of Contemporary Art, Prague (cur. Milena Slavická)

2008           Self-portrait in Czech Art of 20th and 21st. Century,

2006           Next Station Arcadia, Gallery of Modern Art, Roudnice n. Labem,

                   Landschloss Pirna-Zuchendorf, Germany

2005           The Impression, Gallery Rudolfinum, Prague

2003           Contemporary Czech Art, Prague-Riga art dialogue, Riga, Latvia

                   Symposium of Vizual Art Mikulov “Workshop” – selection ‘94-02’. Czech Center, Wienna, Austria

                   Aqua Art, The Gallery of Critics, Adria Palace, Prague

2002           Czech Graphic Art –fifty years of changes in modern printmaking, Mánes Gallery, Prague

                   Visionaries and Story Tellers, Junge Tschechische Kunst: Malerei (1st. part). Kulturabteilung Bayer, Leverkusen, Dortmagen, Germany (cur.Tomáš Pospiszyl)

2001           Memory, Comenius Museum, Naarden, Netherlands (cur. Radek Váńa)              

2000           Melancholy, Moravian Gallery, Brno, CR

                   Probable Painting, Mánes Gallery, Prague

                   Two Ends of the Century, Czech Museum of Fine Arts, House at the Black Madonna, Prague

                   The portrait of the year 2000. Gallery Klatovy/Klenová CR

                   Girls Show 2000, Artexpo, Bucarest, Romania (cur. Radek Váńa)

1997           Prague Castle for children, the children‘s book illustrations by contemporary czech artists, Imperial stable, Prague Castle, Prague

1996          Czech Litography of the 90ties, Museum of the city of Prague, Prague



Illustrations - selection
1994 – 1998    Enid Blyton: Mystery of…- 6 books of crime stories for children, publisher Albatros
1992 – 1995    Jan Černý: Stories from the Bible, comic series for children magazine Mateřídouška - 56 episodes
1992                Miep Diekmann: Annejet has Troubles - 3 books, publisher Ivo Železný,

1989                Capitols of Europe, publisher Albatros,

                        Dina Rubin: The House behind the Green Gate, publisher Albatros

                        Anča and Pepík on the Trail, (with Lucie Lomová), comics strips, illustrated books no.133, publisher Panorama, Prague



2005                Eternal Nemesis, Ladislav Klíma, publishing house Aulos


Cartoon  Film
1990                A Party (10 min.), theme, script, design: Ivana Lomová, directed by Boris Baromykin, Short film, Prague



2016                Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland

2014                Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland

2011                Borgo Finocchietto, Toskánsko, Italy

2009                Cill Riallaig, Kerry, Ireland

2008                International workshop Slovenia open to Art, Sinji Vrh, Slovenia

2007                Vermont studio center, Vermont, USA

2006                International Visual Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia

2005                Casa Zina Lia, Elba, Italy


Prizes, Grants, Awards
2010                Celeste Prize - finalist, International contemporary art prize
2006                The Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year 2005, Ladislav Klíma,
                        Eternal Nemesis, publishing house Aulos Prize of Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovinsko

1995                The Graphic art of the year 1994, Prize of Central European Gallery and Publishing House



Participation in collections

              Gallery of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

Gallery Klatovy, Klenová

Collection of the art of the city of Benešov

The Collection of contemporary art of the city of Mikulov

Soros center of contemporary art, Prague

The collection of Mr. Robert Runták, Olomouc

Private collections in Czech republic and abroad



Selected artworks


    The good march in step. Unaware of them, the others dance around them in dances of time.

    Wonder at the world! Children are looking forward to school and adults to work. It would be the ideal if it were not a virtue of necessity. Through shock, we are perhaps forced to reconsider our lives somewhat and listen to the breathing of the planet. Have we not become … more

    From the Cycle Solitude

    Above the City, 2008

    From the Cycle Passangers

    Start, 2011


    Otto, 2011


    John Doe, 2011


    Graffiti, 2011


    The Fences, 2010

    From the Cycle Prague

    Libeňský Bridge, 2013


    The Tram Stop in Libeň II, 2013


    Prosecká street, 2013


    The Market Place in Holešovice, 2012


    Janovského street, 2014


    Letná, 2012


    The Building with Green Tiles, 2019


    The Facade, 2018


    Window, 2017


    Facade with Acacia Tree II, 2018


    Facade with Acacia Tree I, 2018


    Flowerpot, 2017


    Yellow Wall, 2019


    Wall with a Box, 2020


    Blue Wall, 2020


    Nový svět street, 2017


    Yellow Facade, 2017


    A Cigarette III, 2019


    View into the Yard, 2019


    A Waiting Room, 2018


    A Waiting Room II, 2018


    Departement of Juridical Persons, 2020


    Inland Revenue, 2019


    Light behind the Gate, 2017


    Pater Noster, 2017


    The Enrolment, 2019


    A Ballroom, 2018


    Café St-Tropez, 2018

    From the Cycle Cafés

    Rainy Day, 2009

    From the Cycle Prague

    Novotný Footbridge, 2012


    Dark House, 2020

    From the Cycle Solitude

    My Father, 2007

    From the Cycle Prague

    Appartemens, 2020


    The Fifties, 2018


    A Brewery, 2013


    Yellow Door I, 2018


    Yellow Door II, 2019


    Entrance I, 2017


    The Blue House, 2017


    Ve Střešovičkách street, 2017


    The Spring Cementary, 2016


    Veleslavín, 2013


    Pod novým lesem street, 2013


    A Villa, 2017


    Norbertov, 2017

    From the Cycle Childhood

    Christmas, 2000


    By the Window, 2000

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