Mikuláš Rachlík

Mikuláš Rachlík

7. 12. 1943      Born in the Lesser Town of Prague. His father, František Rachlík, was a writer, dramatist and publicist.

1956-62           Studies at the Jan Neruda Gymnasium in Hellichova Street, acquaintance with Jan Jedlička, especially in the course of art activities led by professor Jaroslav Divíšek.

1961 - 1968     Studies in the studio of professor Karel Souček at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

1962                Cycle of illustrations for his father’s book Ko Balty.

1964                First trip to Italy (Florence) with Dušan Kadlec.

1965                Second trip to Italy (Sicily) with Dušan Kadlec. Their late return leads to partial expulsion from the Academy - Rachlík and Kadlec continue to be students, but they can now work only from home.

1966                Exhibition in an empty apartment in Prague na Újezdě with J. Jedlička and V. Kotyza.

1967-68           Final work for the Academy of Fine Arts: a cycle of five pictures of dystopian landscapes entitled Polittico.

Sept. 1968       Departure into emigration in Italy. Two years in Florence are followed by six years in Milan. He also works in parallel in an abandoned rustic house in the maritime landscape of Grosseto in Tuscany (until 1988).

1976                Moves from Milan to Florence.

1977 – 1979    He is the author of a number of theatrical stage sets, chiefly in cooperation with director Franco Enriquez.

1979 - 1982     Numerous series of so-called Walls come into being, compiled from dozens of male heads, rendered in a more or less fragmentary manner. Following on from these, from 1984 there are photographic pictures entitled Progressions, capturing the ideological course of the coming-into-being of a picture in dozens of photographs presented alongside one another.

1982                Beginning of the extensive cycle entitled Peppo’s Fields, which later gave rise to series with natural themes: Forests, Elements, Universes, Horizons.

1988                He moves his creative activity to Prato, where he has a studio in a former factory in the centre of town.

1988- -1991    Cycle of monumental abstract spatial paintings entitled Gates.

1988                Triptych Agnes of Bohemia on the occasion of the sanctification of the Czech saint.

1994 - 2004     Realisation of the stained glass of the windows and doors in the Church of the Assumption in Prato.

1996 - 1998     Cycles of modular series of pastels entitled Tales of Man.

From 2000       Lives in Veiano in the Etruscan district close to Rome. Continues his stage design projects through cooperation with director and performer Ilaria Drago. Paints pictures of gardens.




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