Alois Vitík

Alois Vitík

1910 in Mimoň ✚1972 Prague



Studies at the School of Applied Arts in Prague under prof. Arnošt Hofbauer. In the 1930s he draws on cubism, fauvism and expressionism, and later on surrealism. He travels to France, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and Italy, and also visits the Soviet Union.


Becomes a member of Umělecká beseda. In the 1940s and 1950s, he creates figurative paintings with urban themes, close to the poetics of Group 42. Exhibits with artists who later found Group 42 in 1940 at the E. F. Burian Theater in Prague.


First solo exhibition in the Salon of Graphic Works in Prague.


In the salon of the Union Center of Umělecká beseda he meets Vladimír and Věra Janoušek, who introduce him to the circle of artists of the future UB12 Group. In the second half of the 1950s he arrives at abstract painting.


Exhibition in the New Hall in Prague.


Teaches at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague, Žižkov.


Solo exhibition in the New Hall in Prague.


Solo exhibition (together with Věra Janoušková) at the Art Gallery in Karlovy Vary.


Solo exhibition in the Jaroslav Král Gallery of the Brno House of Arts.
With the advent of Normalization, the group UB 12 began to dissolve and was officially banned in 1970.

Based on biographical data of the members of UB12 up to 1970 in: SLAVICKÁ Milena. UB 12 - Studies, interviews, documents. Prague: Gallery in cooperation with Gema Art a o.s. OSVU, 2006, pp. 306-311

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