On the Periphery

The documentary film On the Periphery on Zdeněk Vašíček
Author, Petr Záruba

“I cannot declare myself a philosopher because I share the conviction of the Encyclopaedia Britannica that philosophy cannot be defined. And can a philosopher? Then such a person can be forgiven a lot – and that’s what I’m counting on.”
Zdeněk Vašíček (1933 – 2011), philosopher

What is nature and what is natural? This is of no concern to Zdeněk Vašíček. Instead he discovers warehouses, abandoned factories, … he strolls/walks through Prague, along the borders of its cadastre, where everything thrives, blossoms, rots in some sort of mysterious rhythm without external intervention or intention. Nature has no plan, and for Zdeněk Vašíček this is why it is the most congenial of all.

In the film you will see artefacts created by Zdeněk’s father Květoš, which you can also view at the exhibition The Other Kyjov. “Although his father was not educated, he knew the rule of the golden ratio, … the proportionality of his forms is perfect; thus the size and content does not matter at all. Furthermore, all the objects correspond to basic human needs.
(available only in Czech language)






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