Načeradský, Bolf a Typlt / Resonance

“At every stage of one’s life, one thinks and lives differently, and one should thus paint differently, also (…) even though you are still the same person.", claimed Jiří Načeradský. At the exhibit Rezonance, which we have put together for you at, curator Petr Vaňous has managed to assemble three distinctive artists from two different generations (a professor and his students). You may judge for yourselves how their works resonate. Moreover, you will have the chance to avail yourselves of a catalogue supplemented with works not on display, along with the text of the curator. Here you can read about how the works communicate with each other, about the movement of Jiří Načeradský between tradition and its destruction in such a way that he arrives at new forms corresponding to the current state of the world, and about how Typlt and Bolf have “rehabilitated images for the present day.” 
BiggBoss publishing, Prague 2015.



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