Michal Matzenauer / Another Name (Advanced Time VI.)

Michal Matzenauer began writing the collection Another Name, subtitled Advanced Time, in 2017. Regularly, "nowadays only occasionally", more lines are added. The collection is therefore not yet finished, and thus not yet published and available to read elsewhere, but each time after a year the author closes it into a yearly whole. The collections Advanced Time I (published in the samizdat edition of Popelnice (The Ashtray), 1979) and Advanced Time II, III, IV, V and the last one so far VI from 2023 are united by the method of continuous writing and thus similar thinking.

The poet and artist Michal Matzenauer, among other things, has worked as editor of Vokno magazine and published in samizdat. After 1989, he published the collections Characters to Process (Inversion, 1993), Biographies and Other Poems (Dauphin, 2002), The Way of the Stone (Dybbuk, 2009), Private Labyrinth (Dybbuk, 2009), Islands in the Head (Dybbuk, 2013) and Marianas Trench (Pulchra, 2019). He is a member of the Křížovnická škola humoru bez vtipu (Křižovnice School of Humour without Jokes), the Czech Centre of the International PEN Club and The Umělecká beseda.



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