Jiří Šalamoun Or Imaginable views of the World

It is our great pleasure to offer you one of the most Beautiful Czech Books of 2015. We would like to thank Baobab PublishersLuboš Drtina, and all the authors who participated in this publication. It is already difficult to track down the Czech edition of the book, but the English edition is still available.
In the book you will find Šalamoun’s children’s drawings, studies, illustrations in their raw form, narrative illustrations, cantastoria, sketches for one’s own use, lithographs, posters, studies for animated film, book adaptations and poems. In the accompanying texts, several connoisseurs of Šalamoun’s work have attempted to capture in words the magic of his crafty world view.

And one more thing, Jiří Šalamoun was certainly ironically making light of his literary work when he referred to it as “rationally amateurish,” “dilettantish” or “self-therapeutic” poetry, but one should not believe him — listen to his poems and anti-poems for yourself from the collection Angel of God or Labyrinth After Bombardment.



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